75 HARD on Futureland 2

Written by internetVin

What is 75 HARD

75 HARD is a mental toughness challenged designed to improve discipline, grit, and perseverance over 75 days. Participants follow a strict regimen that includes:

  • two daily work outs, one of which must be outdoors
  • adherence to a chosen diet without cheat meals or alcohol
  • drinking a gallon of water daily
  • reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book
  • taking a daily progress photo
  • no cheat meals or alcohol
  • crucially, if any of these rules are not followed for even a single day, the participant must start the challenge over from day zero.

This program is not just a physical fitness challenge, but a comprehensive lifestyle overhaul aiming to foster personal growth, resilience, and mental strength.

Setting up

If 75 HARD is a challenge many are interested in, we will make getting started a lot easier, but for now here’s how I set up Futureland 2 for 75 HARD.

internetVin’s FL2 home page on April 1 2024, 4:06pm
internetVin’s FL2 home page on April 1 2024, 4:06pm

Here’s the trackers I created for 75 HARD, along with their types:

  • Meal Tracking – type: Notes Journal
    • to take photos of my food and hold me accountable
  • Water – type: Volume, goal: 3,785ml per day
  • Workouts – type: Amount, goal: 2 per day
  • Read – type: Amount, goal: 10 (pages) per day
  • Physique – type: Notes Journal
    • to take photos of myself, and document progress
  • 75 HARD – type: Amount, goal: 75 per quarter
    • This isn’t a perfect tracker set up, but it does the trick for now.
    • If more people want to use Futureland 2 for 75 HARD we will make all of this better.


  • To use Futureland 2 you must be on the latest version of iOS
  • You can get the private link for Futureland 2 in the group chat for 75 HARD
  • But also, if you want to use other software, and just want to participate in 75 HARD with us, that’s cool too.