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Here you will find detailed documentation on all aspects of using our software, including getting started, creating daily routines, journaling, learning new skills, building community, advanced features, and FAQs. Whether you’re new to our software, or an experienced user, Futureland Help is your primary resource for understanding and maximizing the benefits of Futureland.

Getting Started

What is Futureland?

Take a tour of Futureland and understand how it works

How to create a journal on Futureland

How to create an entry on Futureland

How to create a routine on FuturelandHow to get started with Futureland MetricsHow to Add Tags to Your Entries on Futureland

Keyboard shortcuts on Futureland


How to manage billing information or cancel Futureland+ subscription

How to Download Your Data from Futureland How to disable Twitter login


How to prepare for LifePlan

Futureland Sleep

What is Futureland Sleep?

User Agreements and Policies

Privacy Policy

User Feedback

Why and How to Review Futureland on the App Store

Futureland 2

Accessing Futureland 2

How to Set Up Futureland 1 (futureland.tv) as a PWA on Your iOS Device


75 HARD on Futureland 2