Accessing Futureland 2

Futureland has evolved through many iterations, many ups and downs, many stages of confusion and clarity, and our latest version is called Futureland 2.

Futureland 2 takes our learnings from previous versions of our software, and expresses them into an application that we believe is the best app in the world for multifaceted personal tracking.

It’s an app for those who want to track many different kinds of things, all in one place.



  • We aspire to create a sustainable company, so accessing Futureland 2 requires a Futureland+ subscription.
  • You can purchase a Futureland+ subscription here:
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time
  • Use the same email for both signing up for Futureland and paying via Stripe
  • Your device must be on latest version of iOS
  • and then DM @internetvin for a direct link to Futureland 2