How to get started with Futureland Metrics

To use Futureland Metrics you have to visit or activate the ‘beta’ setting in your iOS/macOS app.

Creating a New Metric

You can create new metrics right on the journal surface. Click on the button called Metrics and chose + Create Metric to create a new metric. From there you can pick a name for it and chose from one of the provided units.

After you created the metric it will show up under the entry composer every time you create an entry in the journal you created the metric in.

Please let us know if you are missing a unit.

Using a Metric | Creating a Data Point


A metric data point is always attached to an entry. You create new data points when creating a new entry. All you have to do is input numerical values into the provided form fields and hit + Publish.

If you leave the input field for a data point empty it won’t get added to your entry after publishing.

Because we are still in a test phase with Metrics, it’s not possible to create entries that only contain a metric and no other content.

Update or Delete a Metric


To update or delete a metric click on the name of the metric anywhere in the user interface. A popup will open that shows you more information about a metric. You can find the metric settings behind the three dot menu, from where you can change the name and the default value of the metric, as well as delete it.

The default value works like Quick Entry Template on journals and will automatically pre-fill the data point when creating a new entry.

View Metrics


You can obtain a quick overview of a user’s metrics on their user profile.


Metrics that have only been added to private journals will not be displayed on your public profile and won’t be visible for other users.