What is Futureland Sleep?


Futureland Sleep is a sleep tracking feature that integrates with Apple Health. It records the moment you enter the biological state of sleep and provides a visual representation of those times over a 14 day period. The aim is to help users establish a consistent sleep schedule by encouraging them to fall asleep within their optimal time window. This can lead to improved sleep processes and wake cycles, resulting in increased energy levels through the day.

How does Futureland Sleep work?

Once you’ve connected Futureland with Apple Health, a summary of your sleep schedule will be displayed at the top of the sidebar in the app. This summary can be easily expanded or collapsed for quick and convenient access.

A photo of Futureland Sleep with labels of each component of its design.
A photo of Futureland Sleep with labels of each component of its design.

The photo above showcases the components of the Futureland Sleep design, including the Optimal Zone, Slept At, Details, and Bed Time.

Optimal Zone

The Optimal Zone is a time frame that is + or - 45 minutes from your defined Bed Time. To ensure optimal sleep, it is ideal to keep your sleep times within this window.

Slept At

Slept At is the moment your body enters the biological state of sleep. Beside the time, you can also see how close it was to your desired Bed Time. If you fall asleep within 45 minutes of your preferred bed time, the time will be highlighted in green. If not, it will be highlighted in red.


The Details section provides information on your sleep habits, including the number of days you have consistently slept within your Optimal Zone, the time you woke up, the duration of your sleep, the time you were awake, and the date of the sleep data.

Bed Time

Bed Time is the ideal time you wish to go to sleep. If you adjust this time, all of the details in Futureland Sleep will adjust accordingly to reflect the new time.

How do I enable Futureland Sleep?

To use Futureland sleep:

  1. Open the Futureland app on your phone.
  2. Tap your avatar in the side bar.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. In the Health section, turn on the “Sync Sleep Data with Futureland” option.

Tips for using Futureland Sleep

  • Remember to put your Apple Watch into Sleep Focus before going to bed. Here’s how:
    • Touch and hold the bottom of the watch screen.
    • Swipe up to open the Control Center
    • Touch and hold the current focus button
    • Select “Sleep”.

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Futureland Sleep can be used on any Apple Device with iOS 15.4 or higher.
  • A Futureland+ subscription is required to use Futureland Sleep.
  • Compatible sleep trackers include all Apple Watch models and the Oura Ring, more to come.
  • The app will update with new data from Apple Health, which in some instances takes several hours, to trigger an immediate sync, open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.

How can I provide feedback on Futureland Sleep?

If you would like to share your thoughts and feedback about Futureland Sleep, you can do so by writing an entry on Futureland. There’s a journal titled “Futureland Meta”, where users discuss their overall experiences with Futureland and report any bugs or issues they may encounter.

To access “Futureland Meta”, follow this link: https://futureland.tv/@vin/futureland-meta.

You can also email us directly at help@futureland.tv. We value your feedback and act on it quickly.

Trouble Shooting

How can I reconnect Futureland to Apple Health?

To reconnect Futureland with Apple Health, follow these steps:

  1. Open Apple Health on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Sharing tab.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and tap Apps.
  4. Find and tap Futureland.
  5. Make sure Futureland has the ability to read your Sleep Data.